We are Quinola. We are radically generous. We make eating right easy. We know that it is not always clear how to shop well for yourself, others and our planet so we wanted to make things easier. We promise to be generous. To everyone. We support our farmers with guaranteed fair pay, and offset our carbon and plastic emissions.
Our super yummy whole grain express packs are available in four different flavour varieties and make a tasty, quick 'n' easy meal. Our Quinoa is perfectly cooked and can be heated up in just 2 minutes or, simply eat it cold. They’re the perfect alternative to boring old rice AND they’re packed with nutrients, what more could you want!

Our Ready to Eat Quinoa is nutritious and delicious! The express packs are available in five different flavours and make a quick 'n' easy meal. Our Quinoa is perfectly cooked and can be heated up in only 2 minutes OR have it cold in a lunchtime salad!
Radically Healthy
All our products are 100% Natural, plant-based, and allergen free. Quinoa is a complete protein as it contains all 9 essential amino acids - a perfect substitute for meat.
Radically Ethical
Our grains are directly sourced from Peruvian and French cooperatives at ethical prices. We also employ over 20 people with learning difficulties to pack our grains and flakes.
Radically Tasty
We have won more than 25 awards and our quinoa is used in Michelin starred restaurants.
Radically Environmental
We offset our maritime carbon emissions and our packaging is plastic neutral. The carbon footprint of our foods are typically only a 1/4 of their alternative equivalents.
RECIPE ideas
You can find Quinola at your local Alpha Mega, Metro and Athienitis, Mas and Kokkinos supermarkets.
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